School trip at Fun Valley!

Put together a unique school trip program yourself!
At Fun Valley, students can have fun on the water, play a game of beach volleyball, football, pedal boats or canoeing. Hours of fun indoors and outdoors for a small budget! The children can climb and clamber in the indoor playground. When the weather is nice, there is even more to do for children in the large fenced outdoor playground and in the adventure forest.

Add a pinch of education!
Prefer an educational school trip? Book the adventure forest there. During this adventurous activity, children will search, answer questions, climb and clamber in the golden brook adventure forest. Everything in the beautiful nature reserve in which Fun Valley is located. Receive afterwards The activity is supervised by your own supervisors.

Prices per person from 20 students
Entrance Fun Valley € 5, -
Entrance Fun Valley incl. Cup of lemonade and ice cream (rocket / festini) € 6.50
Experience treasure hunt (1.5 hours) € 1.50
Supervisors are ALWAYS free

Active Sports & Games School trip
Prefer an active program? That is possible with the Active Sports & Game School Trip! Put together a fun program of 2 hours or more, including climbing, archery, raft building and more! See all activities below. Supervisors are free - 1 active supervisor is required per 25 students.


Price p.p. from 25 students

Price p.p. from 50 students

2 hours


3 hours


4 hours


5 hours


Choose different activities yourself and we will make a rotation schedule (each line = 1 hour duration)
1. Canoe treasure hunt with educational assignments
2. Live foosball and Sumo wrestling
3. Bubble football
4. Bridging the Gap and Bamboo building
5. Shoot airgun and blowpipe
6. Shoot bow and crossbow
7. Raft building and sailing
8. XL games & Letter pack game
9. Skilat walking, crate stacking and spiderweb
10. Mastermind, Giant Memory and Tangram
11. Dark pond and Climbing wall
12. Build Flintstone Mobile
13. Footgolf Clinic
14. Outdoor Lasertag (5 euro surcharge p.p.)

Would you like to know more about a school trip or a school activity at Fun Valley? Please contact our sales department. And together we will ensure that the children have an unforgettable day.