School trip at Fun Valley!

Compile a unique programme yourself!

Budget school trip from 25 students
At Fun Valley Maastricht the students can enjoy and have fun on the water, play a game of beach volleyball, football, pedal boat or canoe. Hours of indoor and outdoor fun for a small budget! In the indoor playground, children can climb and clamber around. When the weather is nice, there is even more for children to experience in the large enclosed outdoor playground and possibly Adventure Forest 'Het Goudbeekje'.

Het Goudbeekje: educational and adventurous

Do you want your school trip to be educational and adventurous? Then book our new activity 'Goudbeekje' as well. During this adventurous trip of about 1.5 hours children search for gold nuggets by solving puzzles, answering questions and by climbing and clambering. When they can form the word, everyone will receive a nice prize. This activity will be supervised by your own supervisors.

Price per person from 25 pupils
School trip entrance fee: € 5.00
Extra school entrance fee including lemonade and water ice (rocket/festini): € 6.50
Adventure forest 'Het Goudbeekje' (excluding entrance fee): € 4.95
Accompanying persons are always free of charge

Active sports and games school trip
Prefer an active programme? That is possible with the Active Sports & Games field trip! Put together a nice programme of 2 hours or more with e.g. climbing, archery, raft building and more! Before and after the activities you can use the free park facilities. Accompanying persons are free of charge. One active supervisor is required per 25 pupils.

DurationPrice p.p. from 25 pupils

Price p.p. from 50 pupils

2 hours€ 12,50€ 10,00
3 hours€ 14,50€ 12,00
4 hours€ 16,50€ 14,00
5 hours€ 18,50€ 16,00

Tasty extras (bookable with all school trips)
Snack menu: fries with sauce and snack: € 4.20 p.p.
Ice cream (rocket/festini): € 1.00 p.p.

Choose from the activities below and we will make a rotation schedule.

All activities have a duration of 1 hour. A number of activities can be set up inside in case of bad weather, this is always based on capacity and availability.

Choices (each line = 1 hour duration):
1. Live table football and sumo wrestling: Outdoor, indoor
2. Bubble football (min. length 150cm): Outdoors
3. Bridging the gap and bamboo building: Outdoor
4. Air rifle and blowgun shooting: Outdoor, indoor
5. Archery and crossbow shooting: Outdoors, indoors
6. Raft building and sailing: Outdoor
7. XL games & letter suit game: Outdoor/indoor
8. Skilat walking, crate stacking and spider web: Outdoor
9. Mastermind, giant memory and tangram: Outdoor/indoor
10. Dark pond and climbing wall: Outdoor
11. Flying Dutchman and giant ball: Outdoor
12. Sack race and tug of war: Outdoor/indoor
13. Alive Stratego: Outdoor
14. Flintstone mobile building: Outdoor
15. Footgolf clinic: Outdoor
16. Outdoor laser tag (€ 5,00 surcharge p.p.): Outdoor
17. Canoe treasure hunt (caution, 2 hours!): Outdoor

Would you like to know more about a school trip or a school activity at Fun Valley? Then contact our sales department. Together we will make sure the children will have an unforgettable day.