• 8 - 12
  • 01:30
  • € 21,95 p.p.

Paintball party

Have you always wanted to shoot with a paintball gun?
Celebrate your birthday with the children's paintball party! 1.5 hours you go to battle with each other. How often do you hit the target?

How does it work?
You must be present 15 minutes in advance to get instructions.
Then you choose the weapons, put on a real overall and a face mask.
Please note; the minimum age to participate in this activity is 8 years.

What is included in the party?
- Required materials
- Expert guidance
- 100 paint balls
- Bag of chips
- Can of soft drink
- Access to the whole park

Entry tickets 
Three days before arrival you will receive the entrance tickets by e-mail as parent/organizer. You will need these to enter the park/indoor playground. 

Bring and pick up / parking tickets
You as parent/organiser of the children's party will receive a parking ticket upon entry. Parents bringing and collecting their children can obtain one parking ticket at the reception desk to drive in and out.