Covid update 18th of June 2021

- Are you open both inside and out?
Yes, we are open both indoors and outdoors.

- Are the three time slots for the indoor play area still in effect?
No. From Thursday 8 July onwards these will disappear for now. We do work with the full = full principle at the entrance.

- I want to book a children's party. Is that possible?

Yes, this is possible both indoors and outdoors.

- Are adults allowed in the playgrounds?

No, this is not permitted.

- What do you base the maximum number of guests on?

The maximum number of visitors inside is based on the number of m2 with sufficient distance between them. The maximum number of guests outside is unlimited.

- Are mouth masks compulsory?
No, they are not. As of now you do not have to wear a mouth mask. You are free to do so if you feel comfortable.

- Can I also stay for the next time slot? (only for the indoor playground)
Time slots will expire from Thursday 8 July.

- What do we clean?
Our first attention goes to the playground itself; tables, dishes, the bar, etc. Everything is cleaned with disinfectant.

Our safety measures

Fun Valley Maastricht has taken various measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

- You should always make an online reservation in advance.
- Do you have complaints such as coughing, colds, a temperature and/or fever? Then stay at home!
- Upon entry a health check will be done.
- Preferably pay with pin or contactless.
- Keep a distance of 1.5 metres everywhere.
- Always wear a mouth mask when entering the entrance hall and our indoor locations.
- Keep to the indicated walking routes and pay attention to one-way traffic.
- Do not move our furniture, it is positioned to ensure a minimum distance of 1.5 metres.
- Wash and disinfect your hands regularly, there are several points in the indoor playground where you can do this.
- It is not allowed for adults to enter the playground equipment. Does your child need help? Then you can help quickly.
- Above all, have fun and look after each other!