Reserve a ticket, how does it work?

Select whether you want to buy a day ticket or make a reservation with a subscription, free ticket or 10 ride ticket. When you make a reservation with a subscription, 10 ride ticket or free ticket you can also add extra persons. It is possible to make a reservation for multiple persons or households, please keep 1.5 metres distance from each other during your visit. 

Indoor playground
We try to go back to our ''normal'' as much as possible. If you want te play in the indoor playground you need to reserve a day ticket and go inside via the terrace of the outdoor playground. We count the number of adults at the entrance.

Are you sick or do you have complaints such as: cough, fever or shortness of breath? We request you to stay at home. Even if you have a roommate who has complaints or is ill. Safety first!

Day ticket Fun Valley


Make a reservation if you are a subscriber


Reserve with 10 ride ticket / free ticket (outdoors)