Book your place at Fun Valley here as a Card holder

  1. First enter your username and password. No account yet? See the instructions here.
  2. Click on Book tickets in the top bar.
  3. Select a visit date.
  4. Select your ticket(s)
  5. Select for which person(s) you want to book for that day.
  6. Finish by confirming. Your reservation is now made and your passes are activated for this day.
  7. If you want to book extras, click on book extras in the top bar.

Important to know;

  • You no longer need to reserve your visit. Only the extras can be booked via your account.
  • With your member card you can go outside for free through the parking barrier.
  • With your barcode on your Card you can enter via the fastlane and exit via the revolving gate.
  • If a ticket can no longer be selected, they are sold out for that day
  • Your member card only works on the day(s) on which you have reserved.

We wish you a nice day at Fun Valley!