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Kids Valley

Enjoy being a child without inhibitions and play without a care in the world, together with other children. Go on an adventure, discover the different items of playground equipment and activities and have fun! Climb, clamber, crawl, run, use the swings and slides, throw balls, jump and romp; all the facilities are there and you can do anything you want! Kids Valley is for babies and children up to the age of 12 years old. Countless possibilities for playing games and having fun, and all in a beautiful and natural outdoor setting.



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Kids Valley is part of Fun Valley and divided into 3 areas;

  • The Ballorig indoor playground with a large climbing rack and play area.
  • The spacious indoor playground with a fence between it and the water to keep our smallest visitors safe.
  • The Daytripper beach with all its (water) playground equipment, a natural swimming pool, rental boats and a spacious sunbathing area


In short, 130,000 m2 of playground and beach where children can safely live out their adventures and play outside without a care in the world. Furthermore, playing outside helps children to develop and encourages them to acquire social, motor and cognitive skills in a playful manner. Discovering things together with other children, trying new things and practising endlessly. Playing outdoors is healthy as well because the children exercise in the outside air!



Free use of BBQs


FREE-OF-CHARGE BBQs with benches and tables under awnings are spread throughout the park.

Reservation is not required. Think of all the things you need for a barbecue: meat, cutlery, tongs, charcoal, etc.



Different styles of BBQ menu are also on sale at the BBQ-Point in our Eijssalon ice cream parlour.



T. +31 43 409 4441



Oosterweg 5

6245 LC Eijsden




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