The rules have been made a little more flexible again, which means that we can once again be open to the public, but without the catering facilities.

Wearing a mouth shield is mandatory
Are you 13 years and older? Then wearing a mouth mask is mandatory!

Catering remains closed
When our doors are opened, our catering facilities remain closed. During day visits, it is exceptionally allowed to bring small snacks such as a bottle of drinks and a snack. It is not possible to warm up anything on location. 

Children's play party
The Kinder Speelfeest can be booked again! Because we cannot provide the party with drinks and food, it is exceptionally allowed to bring your own food and drinks such as a cake and packets. Also consider all mise en place such as plates and cutlery!

Outdoor children's parties
Young people up to the age of 17 are allowed to gather outdoors in groups. This means that the children's parties can be booked outdoors again, but without catering facilities. That is why we give each participant a bottle of soda and a bag of crisps to take home with them.
Curious about which children's parties we offer? Click here!

Group activities/arrangements
Unfortunately, it is not yet permitted to book an outdoor group activity or arrangement with your colleagues or friends. However, you can book the Escape Room with your group...

Escape Room 'The Lodge
Do you want to get away for a while? We understand that only too well! The only group activity to book is our Escape Room. Discover how well you can solve all the puzzles within one hour in 'The Lodge'.
Book Escape Room 'The Lodge'? Click here!

Subscription holders
As communicated earlier, we renew subscriptions for subscribers for the duration of the closure. We will contact every subscriber to make this happen.

Reservations already made after 23 November
Have you made a reservation that takes place after November 23rd? Good news, it can go ahead!

Do you have any questions about your reservation? Please send an e-mail to