• 1 - 10
  • 01:00
  • € 99,50 p.p.

Stroller Bootcamp

Are you a brand-new mummy and do you want to work on your condition at a steady pace? Then book 8 lessons Stroller Bootcamp lessons NOW at Fun Valley Maastricht, taught by Sjiek Sportique!

What do you do during a Stroller Bootcamp?
During the lessons you will camp in the open air for 60 minutes. This is done by walking behind the buggy and doing exercises. There will be no obstacle out of the way (mountains, benches, etc.) Sjiek Sportique sees possibilities everywhere to perform exercises!

In this lesson all muscle groups will be triggered. With the help of elastic bands, resistance straps and other fitness accessories Sjiek Sportique makes sure the exercises will never get boring and you can keep challenging yourself. Of course your physical capacity will be taken into account.

The emphasis is on training the mothers during class. The babies will not be 'used' as weight or the like during the exercises. Of course there will be moments of cuddling. Extra benefit: you don't need a babysitter!

What are the advantages of the Stroller Bootcamp?
The fact that you can sport outside brings many advantages. For example, outdoor sports strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of illness. Another advantage is the presence of the sun. Daylight is the most important source of vitamin D!

When does it take place?
Every Tuesday and Friday morning from 09.00 - 10.00 hrs.

What are the costs?
This bootcamp course can only be booked on the basis of 8 lessons. The price for these 8 lessons is € 99,50 (including a free drink after the lesson!).