• 8 - 15
  • 06:00
  • € 79,10 p.p.

Expedition Fun Valley is currently not bookable

Camp North and Camp South, which team will survive during this exciting expedition ?!

The teams can only win the tests with the right tactics and good cooperation.



  • Expeditie Fun Valley
  • Arrival with a welcome drink
  • Suitable for all ages. Score the maximum number of points by hitting the bullseye.
  • Fire test (30 min)
  • Move yourself and the group as fast a possible with help of crates through a trail of obstacles.
  • Pauze | Break | Pause
  • Build your own raft and test it on the water! Which team will build the strongest raft in the shortest time? Teamwork is required! Provide dry spare clothes. In very bad weather, a Flintstone mobile can alternatively be built.
  • Skill test (30 min)
  • BBQ menu with 3 pieces of meat per person (marinated chicken breast, fillet chop texas style and grill burger), salads and baguette with herb butter. The supplies are all ready for you to show your grilling skills. We will reserve a table for you. Do you prefer a catered bbq? Hire a grillmeister who will perfectly grills your meat. The grillmeister is 30 euro per 30 people.