• 8 - 25
  • 04:00
  • € 38,95 p.p.

Fun 4 all is currently not bookable

During the fun 4 all activities, fun is guaranteed for everyone. A staff outing, girlfriend weekend or family day, this package is suitable for all ages due to the diversity of activities


  • Arrival & welcome (30 min)
  • Fun 4 all package
  • These XL board games are fun for all ages! In the letter game participants wear a suit with 2 letters. A quizmaster will ask questions and the participants need to form a line with the correct answer as quickly as possible.
  • Collaboration is very important during bridging the gap! Move as fast as possible with the help of crates through a course of obstacles. At Bamboo building you build the highest possible tower with bamboo sticks and elastics.
  • You are one of the players in a giant table football game. The game is played with two teams of 6. During sumo wrestling you get into the body of a real sumo wrestler.