• 8 - 20
  • 05:45
  • € 44,50 p.p.

Lady package is currently not bookable

A culinary treat with an extensive lunch. The hilarious assignments will give you a stomachache from laughter. Finally, you can test your knowledge with a quiz and finish stylishly with prosecco


  • Lady package
  • High Lunch with coffee / tea / orange juice / soup / bread / sandwiches / croissants / sandwich spreads / salads / sweets. The lunch can be extended with prosecco.
  • Lady activities
  • Bridging the gap on high heels (30 min)
  • In the letter game participants wear a suit with 2 letters. A quizmaster will ask questions and the participants need to form a line with the correct answer as quickly as possible.
  • Can you solve the game blindfolded without talking?
  • Fun and hilarious lady quiz
  • Glass of prosecco with mixed fried snacks