• 8 - 25
  • 05:30
  • € 49,95 p.p.

Who is the mole?

The package of TV!
The Wie is de Mol (Who's the Mole) package is known from TV and consists of one and all tricks and deception. As a group you have to solve puzzles and win (teambuilding) games within 5,5 hours to get money in the pot. But beware! The Mole sabotages games and tries to earn as little money as possible by doing so. Who will succeed in unmasking the Mole in the group?

How does it work?
You need to be present 15 minutes before the start of the game. Instructions will be given and the roles will be assigned.
Then you start with the games: spider web, coordination game, mysterious number game, photo game, archery and crossbow shooting and you answer the execution questions.
Please note; the minimum age to participate in this arrangement is 12 years.
It is possible to shower after the games (shower coin 2.00).

What is included?
- Required materials for all games
- Expert guidance
- Access to the whole park
- An experience never to be forgotten

Make your day complete with various extras:
- A hearty, farmer's lunch
- Bitter starter (16 pieces)
- A barbecue (choice of meat, fish or vegetarian)
- A drinks package of 2 hours (choice of beer, soft drinks or wine)

Bad weather
Is bad weather forecast on the day of your activity? No worries! Our material can take a beating and can be used when it rains.