• 8 - 25
  • 05:01
  • € 44,95 p.p.

Who is the Mole?

This package is suitable for all groups and ages. The assignments are not physically demanding and therefore suitable for everyone! The big question is of course: Who is the Mole? Can you unmask the mole? With each assignment you as a group want to earn money for the pot, but the mole can sabotage the assignments!


  • Arrival with a welcome drink
  • Who is the Mole?
  • Explanation and divisions of roles (30 min)
  • Spiderweb (30 min)
  • Coordination game (30 min)
  • Can you solve the game blindfolded without talking?
  • Photo game + puzzle
  • Suitable for all ages. Score the maximum number of points by hitting the bullseye.
  • Execution and unmask the mole
  • 3 drinks + mixed fried snacks