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Park regulations:

Fun Valley & Ballorig Maastricht


Dear visitor/season ticket holder,


Our aim is to give all our guests an enjoyable day. We can only achieve this if you observe the following rules. By entering our facility, you agree to these rules. Violations may lead to your removal from the park or, in some cases, you may be reported to the police.


Clause 1. PARKING

The same traffic regulations that apply on public roads apply in our car parking areas. You must follow the directions given by our parking attendants in order to avoid traffic problems. If you do not (properly) comply with the traffic regulations and/or instructions, we are authorised to remove your car from the parking area at your risk and at your expense. Bicycles and mopeds must be parked in the indicated areas. Please ensure that your windows are closed and that your car is locked. Do not leave valuables behind your car. We are not liable for theft from your car or damage to your car. We are entitled to place parking stickers on one of your car’s windows for improved monitoring and control. We are not liable for damage caused by storms, fire, hail, explosions or other exceptional events. We are not liable for damage to your car unless this damage is the result of a deficiency on the part of our management or staff. You must report damage to your car before leaving our park.


Clause 2. ACCESS

You enter the park at your own risk. You may only enter our park if you have a valid admission ticket. You must keep the admission ticket on your person at all times when in our park and produce it if requested to do so by a park employee. An extra admission fee may be charged for entry to certain parts of our park. Fun Valley/Ballorig Maastricht is under no obligation to fully or partially refund admission fees or season ticket fees that have been paid. Access to Ballorig Maastricht is possible during the applicable opening hours. Admission tickets that have been issued for a specific period (season tickets) remain the property of our park. They can be confiscated if the holder violates these park regulations. You may not bring alcohol with you, drink alcohol to excess and use narcotics inside the park under any circumstances and at any time. People who are found to be under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics, or act as though they are, or disturb public order in any other way, may be refused entry or barred from the park. No pets (other than service and assistance dogs) are allowed in our park.



You must comply with fire safety rules and signs. Pets are not allowed. You may not light fires. Visitors must keep to the paths and roads when walking through the park. The possession and carrying of weapons or other potentially dangerous objects is forbidden when visiting the park. Park employees are authorised to temporarily confiscate these weapons and objects or remove their owner from the park. Instructions given by park employees must be followed completely and immediately at all times. This is in your own interests and that of your fellow visitors. Physical violence or verbal abuse, or any other kind of undesirable behaviour towards other visitors and towards our staff will not be tolerated. If necessary, we will call the police. The use of radios and other audio equipment which leads to unnecessary noise/nuisance is not permitted. If you intentionally produce excessive noise, the park employees are authorised to confiscate your audio equipment until after your departure. Radios and other audio equipment are not permitted inside the buildings. Waste must be disposed of in the garbage bins present in the park. Parts of the park and/or facilities may be closed for maintenance, alterations, expansion or events.



We expressly wish to inform all parents and persons accompanying children and groups that they are responsible for those who visit the park under their authority. This means that parents and accompanying persons are liable for damage caused by those entrusted into their care. No lifeguards are present. People who do not have a swimming certificate are strongly recommended to use buoyancy aids. Visible and concealed cameras are installed throughout the park in order to protect our and your safety and property. Ballorig Maastricht is only accessible to children up to the age of 13 and adults accompanying them. Children must always be accompanied by an adult. Children without accompaniment may be denied access to our park. The house rules of Ballorig Maastricht apply specifically in such situations.



If not stated otherwise, and if open, you may use the attractions and other facilities. Where indicated by signs, you must pay for their use. When using the attractions and other facilities, you must follow the instructions/rules of use displayed on signs or given to you by park employees. Restrictions may apply to the use of a number of attractions: e.g. a minimum age and/or minimum height. You must comply with these instructions for safety reasons. If you fail to comply with the instructions/rules of use, the park employees are authorised to bar you from using the attraction or the facility and you are not entitled to claim a refund. This also applies if you try to jump the queue when waiting for an attraction/facility. Consuming your own food is only permitted in the designated picnic areas, with the exception of alcoholic drinks and glassware you have brought into the park. You may not consume food and drinks on the outdoor terraces and in the buildings. Our park employees are authorised to close an attraction or part of our park (for a protracted period) without incurring any obligation to refund (part of) the admission fee. We are not liable for damage resulting from failure to comply with instructions/rules of use. You use the attractions and playground equipment at your own risk. Swimming, playing football, participating in group activities and other forms of recreational activity also take place at your own risk. Windbreaks are not permitted anywhere in the park unless they are placed in a position behind which nobody would normally be expected to go.



Fun Valley/Ballorig Maastricht is not liable for accidents, loss, theft or damage. Fun Valley/Ballorig Maastricht is only liable in the event of malignant intent or gross negligence, or an imputable deficiency, on the part of the executive board or our park employees. Liability for all other damages is explicitly excluded. If you see situations which may lead to damage, please inform us accordingly.



Our park is maintained as carefully as possible. If you suffer damage in spite of this, you must report the damage without delay and before leaving. If damage is reported at a later time, you will not be able to claim any compensation. You may have inadvertently caused damage. In that case, we request you to report the damage to us before leaving the park. If you see situations which may lead to damage, please inform us accordingly.



Engaging in promotional activities or selling services and/or products in the car park and in the park itself is only permitted if you have obtained the executive board’s written permission. During your visit to our park, Fun Valley/Ballorig Maastricht may shoot videos/take photographs which can be used as promotional and/or sales material. No rights can be derived from this and you may also not object to the use of these images. Filming (for television) may take place at any time in the park. If you do not wish to be captured on film, please avoid the locations where you see a film crew at work. Video and audio recordings for commercial purposes may not be made without obtaining Fun Valley/Ballorig Maastricht's prior permission. Film crews and photographers who identify themselves as such at the entrance may be denied access to the park. Fun Valley/Ballorig Maastricht may take action to prevent third parties who have not obtained Fun Valley/Ballorig Maastricht's permission from publishing and reproducing works which are protected by copyright.


Clause 9. REMOVAL

Our park employees are authorised to remove people from the park who defy or do not comply with these park regulations. Removal for these reasons does not entitle the person(s) concerned to a refund of the admission fee or any compensation.


Clause 10. GENERAL

Our park employees are authorised to take decisions in all cases not provided for by these park regulations. The invalidity of any clause in these park regulations has no effect on the validity of all the other clauses.


We wish you many enjoyable hours at our facility and hope that these park regulations will contribute to achieving that.


The Executive Board of Fun Valley/ Ballorig Maastricht



T. +31 43 409 4441



Oosterweg 5

6245 LC Eijsden




Chamber of Commerce registration number: 61288748

VAT no.: NL823929681B.01



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