1. Booking conditions
1.1 Reservations are only final after online approval has been given via the link that is sent with the quotation. A confirmation email will then be sent automatically.
1.2 The number of persons can be changed free of charge up to 8 days before the start by telephone or e-mail. Due to billing, we are unable to reduce the number of people within 8 days of the activity. It is possible to register additional persons after consultation by telephone.
1.3 Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the activities. In case of late arrival, the end time will still apply as agreed in the reservation.

2. Payment terms
2.1 Two weeks before arrival you will automatically receive the invoice. Payment must be made no later than 8 days before arrival.
2.2 If we have not received timely payment, the activity may be cancelled.
2.3 Extra persons, food/drinks or shower tokens not booked in advance must be paid locally.
2.4 Provide the correct invoice details in a timely manner. After sending the invoice, we can no longer change data.

3. Cancellation Policy
3.1 Up to 3 days before arrival, the entire reservation may be moved once free of charge, provided the invoice has been paid in full.
3.2 In case of cancellation of the entire reservation, the following conditions apply:
• No cancellation fees will be charged up to 30 days before arrival
• Between 30 and 15 days before arrival, 10% will be charged
• 25% will be charged between 15 and 8 days before arrival
• less than 8 days before arrival, 100% will be charged

4. Last minute reservations
A last minute reservation is a reservation made within 8 days of arrival. For last-minute reservations, the number of people cannot be reduced free of charge. Additional people can only register in consultation.

5. Weather conditions
The activities will continue in case of rain, there are a number of covered activities and it is possible to change clothes and shower afterwards. If the forecasts are so bad, you can contact us 2 days in advance to discuss the possibilities. We always try to take the weather conditions into account.

6. Dress code
Fun Valley Maastricht advises to wear sporty clothing and sturdy footwear. In bad weather (warm) rain gear is recommended. Spare clothes and a towel may come in handy. There are sufficient showers and changing rooms available. Shower tokens are available for € 2 each.
Lockers are available to rent for €2 per day.

7. Overnight stays
Overnight prices are exclusive of tourist tax. Within the municipality of Eijsden, a tourist tax is levied at € 1.50 per person per night.

8. Alcohol and drugs
The use of alcohol and/or drugs before or during the activities is not allowed. Fun Valley Maastricht does not take any responsibility if participants have consumed alcohol or used drugs. If it is found that these resources have been used, Fun Valley has the right to refuse participation in the program without being entitled to a refund of money paid.

9. Liability
Participation in activities is entirely at your own risk. Except in the case of intent or gross negligence on the part of the Fun Valley Maastricht organization itself, the Fun Valley Maastricht organization is not liable for any form of damage, including consequential damage, suffered by the participant as a result of accidents that occur during the activities, unless and to the extent that exclusion of liability may not be permitted by law. The Fun Valley Maastricht organization can only be held liable for damage resulting from a material defect in the facilities it offers. If this.material defects in the organization of Fun Valley Maastricht can be attributed, unless this defect is not due to his fault, nor is he responsible for by law, a legal act or generally accepted standards.

The organization of Fun Valley Maastricht is not liable for damage resulting from circumstances attributable to the participant, such as inadequate health or condition, inadequate personal equipment, incorrect action or inaction, overestimation of one's own abilities or disregarding instructions.

10. Footage
Photos of visitors can be used for marketing and promotional purposes. If you agree to the general terms and conditions on our website, permission is given for this. The management cannot be held liable for this.

11. Privacy
By accepting the conditions, you automatically agree to the processing of personal data. The processing of personal data is necessary to reach an agreement.