These rules are for the safety of our visitors and staff.

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House rules

Barbecue & (Open) Fire

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to use open fire and/or fire-related materials. By this, we include:

• Barbecues and grill plates
• Gas appliances and stoves
• Shishas, samovars and teapots

However, we can provide a barbecue for groups with a reservation.


Animals, Dogs & Other Pets

To protect local wildlife and keep our grounds as clean as possible, dogs and other pets are not allowed.

Exceptionally, Assistance or SOHO dogs are allowed, a registration certificate may be requested.

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      AID DOGS      

Own Food & Drinks

In our catering outlets and on the terrace, it is not allowed to consume your own food and drinks.

It is allowed on our lawn, picnic benches and on the beach. Please note, we cannot keep food in a fridge for you.

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