• 8 - 15
  • 02:00
  • € 14,95 p.p.

Footgolf children's party

The footgolf children's party is the party for the real sporty among us. After a brief explanation of the game from the footgolf instructor, we quickly go onto the golf course to play the game. Despite the competitive element, you can finish the holes at a leisurely pace. So no unnecessary drops of sweat!
A whole new experience where you are active in a quiet and unique environment. The footgolf children's party is supervised by an (ex) professional football player and is highly recommended. During the game you get a nice bottle of soda and a bag of chips. In addition, access to our park is included.


  • Footgolf clinic under the supervision of a (ex) professional football player. The clinic lasts an average of 1.5 hours. Includes a bottle of soft drink and a bag of chips.
  • Number of adult supervisors (required 2 per group)
  • Can of soft drink
  • Bag of crisps