• 4 - 25
  • € 18,75 p.p.

Smul party

The Fun Valley Smurf Party is the ideal party for a child's birthday!
What's more fun than celebrating your birthday in the indoor and/or outdoor playground of Fun Valley Maastricht and decorating cake with your friends?

How does it work?
Upon arrival you will be escorted to your table and the birthday boy or girl will receive a birthday hat and he/she may put a paint hand on the wall.
Then there will be singing at the birthday chair and your order will be taken.
From that moment on, the children have all the time in the world to play, climb and clamber around.
With one of the helpful staff members a time is agreed upon to decorate and eat the cake.
At the end of the party, the birthday boy or girl can pick out a nice present!

What is included in this party?
- Playing in the indoor and outdoor playground until closing time.
- Cake decorating
- Chips (without snack) pancakes or poffertjes
- 4 bottles of lemonade per 10 children
- Candy bag
- Ice cream
- Birthday hat for the birthday boy / girl
- Paint hand on the wall
- Nice gift

Would you like to extend the children's party? That is also possible! We offer various extra options, such as a whipped cream or themed cake. When making the reservation you can select the different options.

Entry tickets 
Three days before arrival you will receive the entrance tickets by e-mail as parent/organizer. You will need these to enter the park/indoor playground. 

Bring and pick up / parking tickets
You as parent/organiser of the children's party will receive a parking ticket upon entry. Parents bringing and collecting their children can obtain one parking ticket at the reception desk to drive in and out.